SEO Tips

Helping Your Website Rise into Fame


Fundamental SEO helps in figuring out what your website is all about. This article provides fundamental SEO hints that will help you improve your website. If you already have a great knowledge about SEO, then these tips would be familiar with you, but if you are still beginning to create your own website and new in SEO marketing, then these tips would be a great help for you.

In creating your website, you need to take note that a great web design is nothing without great SEO tools. Now, let us start the tips that would help you raise your own website into fame.


The very first tip is starting with your URL. If your website URL is having a slow progress, then it is time for you to create your own URL extension. In creating your own URL extension, you need permalinks - this is common with Wordpress. Also, you to remember that when you are creating your permalinks, make sure that you make use of dashes rather than underscores; between words.


Second is the title. Title is the first thing that people will see in your website. In making your title, make sure that the keyword is there - focus on the keyword of the content of your website and put it in your title. Take not to keep your titles to 60 characters or less.


The third one is your description. Your website's description from fundamental seo does not need to be a paragraph long - one sentence or a phrase is enough as long as the content is there. You r description should also contain your keyword and should be constructed attractively for the readers. Thus, readers will not be interested with your website if you have poor keyword packed descriptions.


Fourth is the headline. Your web page content should include headlines that also have your keywords. Your headline should also have bolding styles and italic styles to highlight and give importance to it - most especially with the keyword embedded to it. Watch to learn more about SEO.


Fifth is the photo file name. In putting photos on your website, make sure that you also put a proper photo name on it. A JPEG photo title is not actually advisable. You can use "myphoto.jpg (website's name)-(keyword).jpg. If your photo title has a long title name, then use dashes rather than space.


Lastly is the H tag. H tags are actually the priority tags in every headline. H6 is the lowest priority and H1 is the highest priority. Tagging your keywords and phrases helps include more weight to them.


There are a lot of fundamental seo tips that can help your website. Use these tips mentioned above for you to have a better website.